iOrbix is a social network platform that enables its users to connect with their friends and loved ones.

iOrbix is a new and rapidly growing Social Network.

iOrbix started development in September 2008, by Andrew Davis and Nuno Peralta, the Founders of iOrbix.

Nearly 2 years later, this Website was released to the public and is experiencing a viral growth.

In September 2010, 3 months after its Public release, iOrbix gained over 12,500,000 (12.5 Million) Page views.

Most of its current traffic comes from the Romania and Portugal, with Mexico, Costa Rica, United States following after.

iOrbix differs from most other Social Networks by having Advances Customization features, also, the Members of the site are rewarded with Virtual Coins in many ways, even for simply browsing the site.

iOrbix is comprised mostly all the features of other popular Social Networks, including several other features unique to this company.

Founders:  Andrew Davis, Nuno Peralta