Jamendo is an online platform for free, legal & unlimited music, where artists can also make money from music licensing.

Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published with Creative Commons licenses.

Artists are encouraged to upload their music, and users are invited to share their favorite artists. The music is also available in ogg format and via eMule and BitTorrent networks.

By providing their music via Jamendo, the artists take advantage of the innovative technologies and comply with the new behaviour related to Internet. Thanks to Creative Commons licences, the Artists can protect their music and give the chance to discover their creations to large numbers of users.

Jamendo Licensing, our service for sync and background music, provides the best, most affordable and most complete music licensing service for multimedia projects (TV, film, advertising, games, apps), in-store music (public places, stores and businesses), and music composition on demand.

Our catalog offers 200,000 tracks from 30,000 artists, with whom we share 50% of all licensing revenue streams. Jamendo’s music is pre-cleared and there are no fees to pay to any collecting rights societies.

Founders:  Laurent Kratz, Pierre Gerard, Sylvain Zimmer