JibberJobber is a tool for job seekers, job hunters, recruiters and headhunters to organize the job hunt and manage a professional network.

JibberJobber.com replaces the job search spreadsheet, allowing you to organize your job search and professional contacts online.

Complimenting networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, JibberJobber helps act as a repository to organize and manage the actual relationships with your contacts. You can track Target Companies, Jobs applied to and Network Contacts, and have a host of features and reports available to you as you work through your job search.

Once you land your job, continue to use JibberJobber as you network and continue to watch Target Companies. According to the government we are in transition every three to five years, and networking and relationships will have a significant impact on your ability to make each transition less painless.

JibberJobber was the first significant application of its kind. We've had tens of thousands of people successfully test the signup page (get the humor there?), and many users who are actively using it now whether they are in transition or in-between transitions.

Pricing is freemium with three levels:

Free for life



Live webinars to help users get up to speed and optimize JibberJobber as their personal CRM tool.

Founders:  Jason Alba