Kakao’s search platform offers fast and intuitive search on both PC and mobile –even on a messenger.

Kakao is a mobile lifestyle platform company with services spanning messaging, mail, search, news, advertising, gaming, e-commerce, music, maps and more. Based in South Korea, Kakao reaches consumers, businesses and others via services such as: KakaoTalk, KakaoGame, Daum Mail and Daum Cafe, among others.

Kakao’s Media and Content platform offers a diverse array of content that can be enjoyed of users of all interest range. Daum News offers tens of thousands of news articles from top new outlets everyday, and Story Funding, the country’s first crowd funding service, is building a healthy platform for new information in hand with users. Kakao Music, Kakao Page, Daum Webtoon and more, enrich users daily lives enabling users to easily share and enjoy music, cartoons, novels and more.

Kakao Game is a mobile gaming platform that allows users to compete with friends on their social graph. Its popularity has resulted in explosive growths for the Korean mobile gaming industry, while establishing mobile games as a mainstream phenomenon.

A platform connecting finances with technology,with payment solutions that allow users to make payments with just a few clicks and a 6 digit password, or transfer cash to friends based on the Kakao Talk social network.

Founders:  Brian Kim, Saehoon Choi, Sirgoo Lee