Keen Home

Keen Home offers Smart Vent, a smart device that can be fixed to air vents in order to create a balance home temperature system.

Keen Home develops proactive hardware and software products to protect and enhance your home's core systems. Keen Home’s products provide homeowners with increased comfort, improved efficiency, and a better maintained home. The company’s first product, the Smart Vent, seamlessly controls a home’s heating/cooling airflow on a room-by-room level, resulting in improved comfort and efficiency. The Smart Vent launched in Lowe’s Home Centers in November 2015 and began shipping direct to customers in January 2016.

Keen Home’s software platform will serve as the world’s first proactive home health dashboard while offering partners data for lead generation, actuarial insight for risk pricing, and control for peak load management.

Keen Home was founded by Ryan Fant, Nayeem Hussain, and Will Mcleod in 2013 and is based in New York City.

Founders:  Nayeem Hussain, Ryan Fant, Will McLeod