Kinvolved galvanizes schools and communities around a shared goal of increasing student achievement by minimizing absenteeism.

Every year, 7 million U.S. children miss a month or more of school. As early as grade 6, student attendance is the leading indicator of high school graduation, and by grade 9, chronically absent students stand a 20% chance at earning their diploma.

Kinvolved galvanizes students, parents, teachers, leaders, and community stakeholders around a shared goal: To increase student achievement by minimizing absenteeism. We take a holistic approach to fighting chronic absenteeism, combining technology tools and human interventions to change the deeply ingrained behaviors and external factors affecting student attendance, including poverty, racism, and socio-economic exclusion.

- KiNVO is a powerful, user-friendly attendance and communications tool for educators, parents, and students: - Community Summits convene key stakeholders around a shared vision of improved attendance: - Expert-led coaching engagements help districts manage the implementation of new attendance policies and thoughtfully launch the KiNVO software:

Kinvolved partners see results:

- Kinvolved partner high schools see a 13x increase in average daily attendance as compared to similar schools in the region. - Schools using KiNVO experienced a –3% change in chronic absence rates; peer schools experienced a +11% change over the same period. - Even among schools that serve an above-average percentage of higher-need students, Kinvolved schools see significantly better results over their schools with similar populations.

To learn more:

- Watch our brief overview video: - Read our 2017 Impact Report: - Hear parents share their experiences with KiNVO:

Founders:  Alexandra Meis, Miriam Altman