Krrb Classifieds

Krrb Classifiedsis a hyperlocal advertising website that enables users to connect with their neighbors for local and in-person commerce.

Krrb (pronounced 'curb') is a scavenger hunt at fingertips where users can rummage and discover local treasures.

Imagine the world as one global marketplace, powered entirely by local communities.

Krrb is a hyperlocal, curiously global classifieds. A most epic scavenger hunt at your fingertips where users an thrift, rummage and discover local treasures – at your doorstep or around the world.

Krrb is made uniquely for local and in-person commerce. Their mission is to create a fun, friendly and safe online venue that enables better and more personal face-to-face dealings between neighbors.

Let’s be totally clear, Krrb is not only for hardcore locavores. Most everyone loves to shop locally, whether the reason be philosophical, financial, fashion, simplicity, personal taste or downright curiosity of what’s for sale in their own backyard.

Founders: George Eid