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LA Observed has been mentioned in the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times, New York Post, New York Observer, Los Angeles Daily News, L.A. Business Journal, LA Weekly, CityBeat, Los Angeles Independent, Studio City Sun, Downtown News, San Jose Mercury and Sacramento Bee. Online, the site has been cited by major news websites, Romenesko, BoingBoing, Opinion Journal, Instapundit, Gawker, Slate, Salon, Defamer, Deadline Hollywood Daily, Talking Points Memo, Kausfiles, Andrew Sullivan, Hugh Hewitt, The Huffington Post, I Want Media, Mediabistro, Editor & Publisher, National Review Online, Washington Monthly, Cyberjournalist, LAist, Fishbowl LA, Hit & Run, The Roundup, National Journal's Hotline and the Online Journalism Review — among many others.