Building the world's legal department

LawTrades lies at the intersection of technology's biggest trends today -- mobile, messaging, and on-demand services.

It starts with a unique solution to a complex problem--send a message 24/7 to get anything legal done, whenever you want. Incorporating, reviewing contracts, creating wills, trademarking, and more. They’re the only app that is disseminating intricate legal matters to businesses with just a few taps.

LawTrades fulfills these requests for their users instantly by providing a technology layer to a growing networking of legal service providers. Most of their users use us multiple times from starting their business to handling personal matters such as immigration filings.

But they’re just getting started. LawTrades is the beginning of a significant multi-year shift from how they transact legal without their computers. It's an elegant and minimalistic interface that sits between a complex set of legal products and services. It’s your new favorite lawyer.

Founders:  Ashish Walia, Raad Ahmed