LendUp is a socially responsible lender for the 56% of Americans shut out of mainstream banking due to low credit or volatile income.

LendUp’s mission is to provide anyone with a path to better financial health. We build technology, credit products and educational experiences for the 56% of the US population who are shut out of mainstream banking because of poor credit or volatile incomes.

All of our technology is built in-house. We currently offer several types of credit products, including loans and credit cards. We embed education into our products, and where available, credit building opportunities, to help borrowers improve their long-term financial health and break out of vicious debt cycles.

We were founded by two step-brothers, CEO Sasha Orloff and CTO Jake Rosenberg. Sasha puts the “fin” in fintech, having worked at Citi, World Bank and Grameen Bank. Jake puts the “tech” in fintech; he was a platform CTO at Zynga at 29 and began working at Yahoo! at age 16, as employee #80.

Founders:  Jacob Rosenberg, Sasha Orloff