Design and manufacture of wireless sensors for Smart Cities and the Internet of Things (IoT)

Libelium is a wireless sensor network platform provider that delivers, open-source, low-power consumption devices that are easy to program and implement for Smart Cities solutions and a wide range of M2M and sensor projects.

All of Libelium’s products are modular, horizontal and easy to integrate into third-party systems. Because of its innovative hardware integration design and horizontal approach, Libelium’s Waspmote—the company’s open-source wireless sensor platform—has the potential to be the standard, universal platform for the upcoming technological age of the Internet of Things.

Waspmote works with different protocols (ZigBee, Bluetooth, 3G/GPRS) and frequencies (2.4GHz, 868MHz, 900MHz) and is capable of communicating over long distances (up to 12 km) while maintaining low power consumption Smart Cities, Smart Environment, Smart Water, Smart Metering, Security & Emergencies, Retail, Logistics, Industrial Control, Smart Agriculture, Smart Animal Farming, Domestic & Home Automation, and eHealth.

Libelium’s Cooking Hacks ( the open hardware DIY division of Libelium. It has attracted developers from around the globe who find components and the inspiration in Cooking Hack’s electronic “kitchen.” The site includes its own form of recipes in step-by-step tutorials to help developers build and create innovative technology

Founders:  Alicia Asin, David Gascon