Light combines revolutionary optics technology with an advanced image processing engine to make a camera that changes photography.

Light is focused on revolutionizing photography. By creating innovative technology and powerful software, Light has made capturing high-quality photos easier than ever before. The Light L16 Camera is the company’s first product, utilizing multiple lenses and computational algorithms to create a single, high-definition image. Focusing on continually pushing the boundaries of camera technology, Light is dedicated to putting the power of photography back in the hands of every-day users.

Light was founded in 2013 by Rajiv Laroia and Dave Grannan. After approximately two years of research and development, establishing manufacturing partnerships, and three rounds of funding, Light introduced the world to the Light L16 Camera in October of 2015.

Light’s development of the L16 is the company’s first step toward making beautiful photography more accessible for everyone. The Light L16 is a compact, pocket-sized camera designed to bridge the gap between the availability of cell phones and the expensiveness of DSLRs. The camera combines multiple lenses and sensors that work in tandem every time a picture is taken, channeling light through ten or more of its apertures at a time. After the L16’s software fuses the multiple perspectives together, the result is a single 52 megapixel photo with superior detail and clarity.

Founders:  Dave Grannan, Rajiv Laroia