is a visual search engine that allows users to find similar products on the web and compare their prices.

Unlike most other image search engines (including Google image search), indexes images based on more than simple metadata and tags. Using Riya's image recognition technology, can search through a library of products and find ones similar to the look of any selected product. Users can shop for shoes, bags, watches, jewelry, clothes and much more without even typing in search terms if they choose.

For image search queries matches users' searches with similar or identical objects by comparing each object's visual signature. These signatures are mathematical representations of images using 10,000 variables .Currently there are two ways to search with at least one more planned for the future. Users can click on products displayed on the page to find similar products, or users can type in a descriptive phrase. Typing "Collar Long Sleeve Shirt" will prompt to translate those descriptive words into mathematical variables which constitute an object's visual signature and then find similar signatures.

In the future, will allow users to upload images as search queries expanding the number of possible searches to any product image online.

Founders:  Azhar Khan, Burak Gokturk, Mehul Nariyawala, Munjal Shah