LiquidSky Software

Platform for streaming interactive applications and experiences.

We believe that digital user experiences, content, and media will become increasingly dynamic, interactive, cross-device, and compute-intensive. LiquidSky was founded with the vision to power this future by developing an ultra-low latency cloud streaming technology (SkyBeam) that enables interactive content to be experienced from any device.

Lightning gives developers access to this technology to effortlessly "beam" their interactive applications and experiences to any device.

We've proven the technology is ready for mainstream consumption by streaming to over 250,000 users across 130 countries on over 900,000+ devices with the most demanding interactive content of all, gaming.

LIGHTNING PLATFORM Run or stream any interactive application instantaneously across any cloud provider with ultra low latency. We'll manage your infrastructure so you can focus on building the best interactive experience possible.

CLOUD GAMING The first app on the Lightning platform that delivers the most demanding type of interactive content to any device from the edge with ultra-low latency. Currently in beta.

Founders:  Ian McLoughlin, Ian McLoughlin, Scott Johnston