LoudCloud Systems

LoudCloud is a learning ecosystem creating an intelligent platform built on behavioral analytics for teaching and learning.

LoudCloud Systems is a next generation learning ecosystem for the Higher Ed, K-12 and Corporate markets.

The Learning ecosystem seamlessly integrates a next generation courseware management system, a contextual rapid content authoring system, a knowledge repository with multimedia elearningeLearning and simulation content.

The ecosystem is built to be, a collaborative learning environment, a marketplace to transact content and tutoring services across institutions withand a sophisticated analytical engine reporting on various measures across the learning process, not just outcomes.

And all this is delivered as a SaaS over the Cloud, allowing for rapid, cost-effective and scalable deployment. Moreover our API's offer third party technology and services providers to hook up their offerings into our system.

Visit our site www.loudcloudsystems.com

Founders:  Insik Rhee, Marc Andreessen