MediaFire is a cloud storage service helping people store, organize, and share data via the internet.

MediaFire is a cloud storage service that helps people store, organize, and share data via the Internet. MediaFire offers free, secure, and unlimited cloud storage so users can store and share data with their customers, colleagues, friends, and family. Every month, more than 150 million people use MediaFire to store and share their files and media online.

MediaFire's Professional and Business plans offer users additional functionality, like company branding tools, analytics, and multi-seat employee accounts.

MediaFire was founded in August 2006 by a group of website enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the troublesome process of sharing large files over e-mail and FTP. They created MediaFire to provide the world with the simplest file hosting service for sharing files and images over the internet and launched the first version in October of 2006.

MediaFire is the only file sharing site to offer unlimited downloads, unlimited uploads, unlimited storage, download resuming, zero wait times, and more, all for free.

Founders:  Derek Labian, Sharon Fanning, Todd Faulk, Tom Langridge