Mega Limited

Mega offers cloud file storage and voice/video/text chat, all with user controlled end-to-end encryption, via web browsers and mobile apps.

Mega provides user-encrypted cloud file storage, including file and folder sharing for easy online collaboration together with fully encrypted text/voice/video chat.

With MEGA your data is encrypted and decrypted transparently in your browser, on the fly. High-speed parallel batch uploading and downloading with resume capability are integral parts of the Mega service.

The user-controlled encryption, initially only available through web access, is now supported by apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, in addition to plugins for Firefox and Google Chrome. The MEGA desktop app provides automatic file syncing, streaming and transfer management and is available for Windows, macOS and all major Linux distributions.

Mega apps are available in 48 languages and serve users in more than 245 countries/territories.