Memphis Meats

Memphis Meats is a startup developing meat produced directly from animal cells without the need to raise and slaughter actual animals.

Memphis Meats is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company leading the “clean meat” space. At Memphis Meats, we are developing a new way to produce the delicious meat that you already enjoy directly from animal cells, without the need to feed, breed and slaughter actual animals. At scale, our process will require dramatically less water, land and energy than conventional meat, and we see a clear path to getting costs down to a commercially viable level. In March 2017, we introduced the world's first clean poultry, which is a historic milestone for the clean meat movement.

Our goal is to produce real meat that is delicious, affordable and sustainable. We are pursuing an incredible business opportunity to transform a global industry that is nearing a trillion dollars, while working toward a better world.

Founders:  Nicholas Genovese, Uma Valeti