Metail is a virtual fitting room service for fashion retailers that allows customers to create a 3D photo-realistic model of themselves from just two uploaded photos, in only a few minutes. Customers can then try on clothes, see how they fit and create and share their looks. Once a customer has made their model, they can login to their Metail profile with any partner retailer using the service.

Metail was started in 2008 by CEO and Founder Tom Adeyoola who wanted to help his girlfriend find well-fitting clothes she liked without spending hours in shop changing rooms. Inspired by work carried out by Professor Roberto Cipolla at Cambridge University, Metail has since filed patents, raised over £2m in funding and built a highly skilled team dedicated to solving the problem of finding the right fit when shopping online.

Metail aims to become the global body shape and visualisation experts. Metail can change the way people view body image and clothing by empowering users to dress for their own personal shape rather than for the projection of the ‘ideal’ form. Wherever there is a social or transactional experience involving the body, Metail wants the customer to be able to access their profile. These enhanced experiences will not just be online but also in shops, on mobiles and tablets and on TV.

Founders:  Tom Adeyoola