Millsberry is a video game created by General Mills as a marketing tool for promoting their products, services and company.

Millsberry is an "advergame" hosted by General Mills. It is essentially a marketing tool used to showcase General Mills products. Users start out in the city of Millsberry by customizing their character. You can choose your own clothes, hairstyles and everything else. Once you've gotten your character down you need to choose a neighborhood to live in. The Millsberry map includes a multitudes of neighborhoods located near schools, parks and a downtown area. They are designed to closely resemble the neighborhoods of Millsberry users.

In Millsberry you can play games of many genres from snowboarding to karate to fishing. Good performances are rewarded with Millsbucks with which you can buy more clothes, toys, furniture or anything else sold in the virtual world. Keep your character in "good shape" by feeding it the right food and giving it exercise and you'll have a better chance of getting Millbucks.

Close competitors in the advergaming space include Barbie Girls and