Monitis provides web and cloud monitoring services including website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring and more.

Monitis is a specialist provider of web and Cloud monitoring services that include website monitoring, site load testing, transaction monitoring, application and database monitoring, Cloud resource monitoring, and server and internal network monitoring within one easy-to-use dashboard. Over 200,000 users worldwide have chosen Monitis as their provider of choice to increase uptime and user experience of their services and products. What makes Monitis’ solutions different is that they are fast to deploy, feature-rich in technology and provide a comprehensive single-pane view of on-premise and off-premise infrastructure and applications.

Monitis offers its services in two versions: premium and free. Other than a handful of purely enterprise-grade features, the core differences between the Monitis and Monitor.Us products are: the ability to save monitoring history; the number of monitoring locations; and the frequency of checks.

Monitis was acquired by GFI Software in October 2011.

As of 2014 Monitis is a part of TeamViewer family.

Founders:  Hovhannes Avoyan, Mikayel Vardanyan