MusicXray connects musicians and songwriters directly with industry professionals, and markets opportunities for their music.

Artists upload their songs to Music Xray and their songs are easily transformed into a widget-like stack of customizable modules (Music Xray Song Application) that not only streams the song’s audio but also enables the artist to display (or view privately) other important data about the song such as lyrics, artist bio information, a video, license information and songwriter notes. In addition, artists can track their songs’ market potential in the form of blog and Twitter mentions, peer to peer traders and an artists’ traction on MySpace.

The company also provides a platform where artists can submit their songs to the music industry for consideration. Industry professionals are invited / recruited by the company and can charge a submission fee in exchange for promising to consider a song or even to provide feedback and career coaching to artists. Or they can offer their services for free as some do who are looking for new music to be played on their stations or podcasts. They offer a high level of direct interaction between artists and industry professionals making it a very attractive site for artists to upload, display and submit their music.

In addition to the information gathered about a song, each song is analyzed by acoustic analysis technology (licensed by the company). This technology enables Music Xray to know which songs sound like other songs without having to actually listen to them all.

Founders:  Mike McCready