Referral based marketplace for jobs powered by social big data intelligence

The recruitment industry is waiting to be disrupted. All the job boards including linkedin deliver a lot of junk, not interested , not relevant and not updated profiles. As a result all the the job boards put together only make 15% of overall revenue out of the total recruitment market opportunity. The remaining 85% today rest with HR consultants purely because they are able to deliver highly filtered profiles even though they contribute to only about 25-30% of overall hiring. Even there the consultants don't necessarily deliver on the three things that companies use to evaluate profiles i.e. skill match, culture match and trust . This is where myrefers comes in.

Myrefers uses referrals and social big data intelligence to help companies hire the best quality profiles in the shortest possible time . Each profile come filtered and matched through the three important parameters companies use to hire. Myrefers is a referral marketplace for jobs which uses the power of peoples connections , patented algorithms and social big data intelligence to help companies hire the best matched profiles for their open jobs. At myrefers, anybody can refer anyone for a job and get rewards. Every refer also helps individuals get something back which leads to more opportunities for improving his or her own professional rating & profile. The MyRefers platform becomes the conduit for such opportunities, karma, rewards and recognition.

We are a VC backed, Microsoft & Google supported start up and are growing rapidly. We also got voted as among the Hottest 50 tech startups in 2014, and among the Top 100 startups in India to watch out in 2015.

Our team is comprised of passionate, sharp, creative individuals who constantly seek out new challenges and knowledge.  We come from diverse backgrounds,  with great pedigree ( IIM Kolkata, IMT , NIT)  having built various global products,  and led large online businesses, having worked at well-known companies such as Star TV, Digitas, JP Morgan , Times Internet , etc. 

At office, you can find us playing foosball and table tennis in the office every day or discussing everything from sports to Bitcoin to cutting-edge people matching algorithms over dinner.  The rest of the time, we're working tirelessly to build a truly novel and groundbreaking company. We are creators and builders with a “Do whatever it takes” mentality, and we’re building our core team who will constitute the foundation on which monumental success will be built.

Founders:  Kashish Bhagia, Lalit Bhagia, Piyush Mittal