is an online gift registry enabling users to create a centralized registry for any gift-giving occasion.

Launched in December 2005, is the premiere destination for Universal Gift Registry services. currently gives well over 100,000 users the ability to create one centralized registry for any gift-giving occasion, including Weddings, Baby Showers, Birthdays, Graduations, Housewarmings, Holidays and more.

Along with offering registry services to individuals, many organizations and nonprofits use as a fundraising tool and resource for requesting supplies and other items for donation. allows customers to choose from any store in the world—whether it be a local mom and pop shop without a website or a national chain superstore.

Another feature to the website is the gift service where members can create multiple cash gift funds for free and have the ability to personalize it with a picture and title. Friends & family can easily make contributions online to the gift fund of their choice. Many wedding registry holders have set up cash gift funds with titles like, “Our Honeymoon Fund”, “New House Fund”, “New King Size Bed Fund”. offers a multitude of other services as well, such as a wide selection of eCards free to use, gift ideas for every occasion, and a new Gift Registry Web Widget tool of merchants.

Founders:  Oded Berkowitz