mySupermarket is a free to use, independent shopping and comparison website for groceries.

mySupermarket is an independent online shopping and comparison website for groceries in the United Kingdom ( The service enables users to compare prices across a number of online stores and cuts a weekly shopping bill in the UK by up to 30%.

The site analyses the products in a shopper's trolley and suggests swapping some of the items for cheaper substitutes or alternate sizes that offer better value. In addition, it compares the entire price of the trolley between stores and allows the user to switch to another store at any time before transferring their trolley to their chosen supermarket.

mySupermarket has 13 stores on the site with pricing taken directly from retailers’ websites. The stores are Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Waitrose, Morrisons, Aldi, Superdrug, Amazon, Boots, Poundland, Iceland and Marks and Spencer.

It is the third UK online grocery retailer in terms of online traffic – just after Tesco and ASDA. More than 200,000 families regularly use mySupermarket, with around five million people visiting the site each month. Research conducted by the company has shown 49.5% of visitors to the site will go onto purchase in-store within 48 hours. These shoppers are known as ROPO (research online, purchase offline).

Completely independent from the retailers on its site, mySupermarket’s aim is to make pricing, promotion and product information as transparent as possible for shoppers.

In June 2015, mySupermarket launched SHOPS, an online marketplace for independent UK merchants. SHOPS stocks food, health and beauty items and gifts from more than 100 businesses. It was developed to support independent retailers and offer fresh, high quality and unique products.

Founders: Amir Ofer