Navent operates job and real estate portals in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panamá, Perú, and Venezuela. Its job portals provide job listings; and online employment solutions for people seeking jobs, and for companies who need to cover their own needs with people.

Navent's job portals also focus on the IT industry, as well as professionals and executives. It also operates software companies that specialize in delivering CRM, and Website design and hosting solutions, as well as marketing and software solutions to the real estate industry.

Moreover, Navent operates an online platform for buying/selling or renting properties that allows real agencies and particulars to publish their offer, and the people interested to find the property they are looking for. Alejandro Navarro and Nicolas Tejerina founded it in 1999, with its headquarters in Buenos Aires in Argentina.

Founders:  Alejandro Navarro, Nicolas Tejerina