Naver Corporation

Naver Corporation runs South Korea's #1 search engine and offers a large variety of online services for Asian users.

NAVER Corporation is South Korea’s premier Internet company, headquartered in Seongnam city and operating the nation’s top search portal NAVER. NAVER was launched in June 1999 and has since stood at the forefront of technological growth, extending its influence to Japan and other foreign countries.

NAVER has introduced many innovative search services over the years, such as ‘Comprehensive Search,’ ‘Knowledge iN,’ and ‘Real-time Rising Keyword.' It also offers UGC services such as Blog and Cafe; Junior Naver, a children’s portal; Happybean, an online donation portal. NAVER launched its Webtoon service in June 2004 and has pioneered distribution and consumption of webtoons, also known as digital comics. In addition, NAVER also offers services for the global market, including the mobile messenger LINE through LINE Corporation, NAVER’s subsidiary; the video messenger Snow; and the group communication service BAND.

NAVER is also involved in software development and distribution; performances and exhibitions business; mobile content development and distribution; search advertising; internet commerce and customer service business; the operation and security services of IT infrastructure; operating online shopping services; and mobile applications marketing.

Founders:  Lee Hae-Jin