Neurala is the deep learning neural network software company behind The Neurala Brain.

Neurala is the company behind The Neurala Brain—deep learning neural network software that makes smart products like cameras, robots, drones, toys and self-driving cars more autonomous and useful.

Unlike traditional AI companies, which designed for super computers connected to the Internet, our first project was for NASA to be used for autonomous planetary exploration. Super computers were not available. Battery life was limited. Fast internet access was impossible. Our deep learning neural networks had to be lightweight and perform in real-time without ground intervention.

With our constraints, we modeled the Neurala Brain on animal brains because animal brains are highly efficient “computers” that do more in less space and with less power consumption than the computers we use today. The brain also knows how to use eyes (cameras) and ears (microphones).

This approach worked and we are now bringing The Neurala Brain to market. Our smart, fast, anywhere brain works on systems from single board computers to large servers.

Founders:  Anatoli Gorchetchnikov, Heather Ames, Massimiliano Versace