Omise is an online payment gateway offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need.

Omise is Thailand's leading online payment gateway offering a wide range of processing solutions for any business need. Our endeavor is to provide the best online payment experience that works seamlessly on both the mobile and the web. With a growing dynamic international team, we relentlessly work to set new benchmarks to the industry by optimizing easy-to-integrate functionality for our partners while at the same time, narrowing the gap that staggers between the physical and online market today. Omise looks is expanding beyond its existing borders to Japan, Indonesia and other countries across the Asia Pacific in the near future.

In Thailand, online stores are still striving to have a proper payment solution because applying and implementing has never been simple and smooth. All of the major PSP’s require cumbersome documentation to apply; monthly commitments, high transaction fees and all take considerable amount of time to gain approval. Additionally, there is no good online API documentation or sandbox to test. Thus, stores drive their business by offline payment methods such as ATMs, Banks or online banking. Once shoppers have made their transactions, they have to send a proof of payment to there store via email or other social network channels. Since there is no payment notification, the store has to check the transaction manually which delays the delivery time and increases the chance of fraud. This fraud may occur by shoppers’ photo shopping their proof of payment.

Since a reliable, simple and smooth online payment system has been lacking in Thailand, founder, Jun Hasegawa and co-founder Ezra Don Harinsut, recognized the need to bridge the gap between stores and shoppers. Therefore, the Omise team has been developing a payment solution that would be available for everyone to sign up and make online payments simple, easy, smooth and possible. Omise is ideal for both developers and non-developers. Applying for Omise only requires minimal online identification, no minimum monthly commitment and low transaction fees. Stores will be able to accept payments instantly. In addition, for non-developers, accepting payments via social network will be possible for everyone!

Stores are able to accept credit and debit card payments as well as bill payments which will allow shoppers to pay by their online banking accounts, ATM’s and banks. Providing the highest level of online payment security standard has always been Omise’s goal. That is why Omise has achieved PCI-DSS 3.1 compliant to meet all requirements from VISA and Master.

Founders:  Ezra Don Harinsut, Jun Hasegawa