ooVoo is a social video chat and messaging mobile app that enables its users to chat and share ideas and thoughts.

ooVoo offers free, 12-way social video chat for the most popular devices: PC, iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac, as well as Facebook and Web Calling apps. As the fastest-growing independent video chat service, ooVoo has an active and expressive community of more than 46 million users (as of April 2012).

The company was founded on a strong video-delivery backbone, and the bold idea that all communication should be free, and open. ooVoo reflects the evolving nature of social communications: an open platform that augments popular social networks with group video chat — creating a connected, face-to-face experience anywhere, anytime.

Behind the scenes is a cloud-based infrastructure that provides the exceptional video fidelity and high-quality audio that enables continuous connectivity. This has evolved into a unique form of organic, ambient video communications that lets users be always together, and always "on" ooVoo.

Key innovations recently introduced by the company include 12-way video chat within Facebook or via a simple Web Call link; a four-way video display on iPad; and the ability to get started with ooVoo using existing social network logins.

Foundres: Philippe Schwartz