OpenDNS provides enterprise security to more than 65 million daily users, and 10,000+ paying businesses. It was acquired by Cisco for $635m.

OpenDNS provides reliable security options and other advanced services for web surfers and network administrators. It is a security company providing Internet security and domain name system services to secure the networks used by people to connect to the Internet worldwide. Today, a growing number of the Fortune 500 rely on OpenDNS to secure their global infrastructure. In total, more than 65 million Internet users connect with confidence each day with OpenDNS. In July, 2015, Cisco completed the $635 million acquisition of OpenDNS.

It offers Umbrella, a cloud-delivered network security solution that delivers automated protection against attacks and web threats on various devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, and other gaming consoles. OpenDNS has also introduced an open source data visualization engine known as OpenGraphiti that enables security analysts, researchers, and data scientists to pair visualization and big data to create 3D representations of threats.

In October 2009, OpenDNS began offering an Enterprise service, which includes malware protection, delegated administration, and block page bypass, in addition to reliable DNS and Web content filtering.

OpenDNS was founded in 2005 by DNS expert and entrepreneur David Ulevitch. The company was originally backed by CNET founder Halsey Minor and is funded by Sequoia Capital and Greylock Partners. It is headquartered in San Francisco, C.A.

Founders:  David Ulevitch