Operation Sports

Operation Sports is a hobby site providing visitors with sports video games, news and commentaries.

Founded in 1998, Operation Sports is a sports video games network.

Operation Sports began as a hobby site dedicated to providing visitors with sports video games news and commentaries. In February, 2008 after almost 10 years in existence, Operation Sports relaunched its brand with a new site design, an array of new community focused features and an expanded Editorial and Executive staff.

Following the acquisition of DigitalSportsMania (www.digitalsportsmania.com) in early 2008, Operation Sports is now the internet's largest sports video games website with upwards of 185,000 registered members.

Moving forward, Operation Sports plans to release a series of community driven features and applications to take advantage of the user's proven interest in online sports gaming. A detailed Leagues and Tournaments creation tool which will allow Operation Sports users to create, run and promote their own online sports video games competitions across a variety of online mediums is currently in development.