Owler is a community-based competitive insights platform used to outsmart the competition and uncover news & alerts.

Owler is the world’s largest community-based competitive insights platform that business professionals use to outsmart their competition and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.

Owler is powered by an active community of 1.5 million business professionals, who contribute unique business insights such as competitors, private company revenue, and CEO ratings. From startups all the way to large enterprises (including 96% of the Fortune 500), CEOs, salespeople, marketers, product managers, and all types of business professionals use Owler daily.

With unique data on 15 million searchable company profiles and proprietary community driven Competitive Graph, Owler helps business professionals uncover competitive insights and discover new companies that participate in their space. Owler’s web platform provides members with real-time insights not found anywhere else and helps them outsmart their competition.

Owler users receive three free email products. Weekly Showdown shows weekly competitive insights that delight users. Instant Insights delivers immediate announcements on funding, acquisitions, and leadership changes. Daily Snapshot surfaces top news stories, blog posts, and other coverage relevant to each person’s unique Competitive Graph (competitors, customers, prospects, and industry sectors news).

Launched in 2014, and funded by Norwest Venture Partners and Trinity Ventures, Owler is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with offices in Coimbatore, India.

Founders:  Jim Fowler, Rajan Madhavan, Tim Harsch