OYO is an Indian hospitality startup that operates a network of budget hotels.

OYO is a hotel chain operating in more than 150 cities across India, Malaysia, China, and Nepal. OYO works in close proximity with its hotel partners while exercising full control over the hotels for ensuring a quality experience for travelers. Its network includes major metros, regional business hubs, top leisure destinations as well as pilgrimage towns.

OYO revolutionized the fragmented and legacy-driven budget hospitality space in India by enabling standardization of services, amenities and in-room experience and its proprietary apps for inventory-management, room-service, revenue-management, and customer-relationship management.

In January 2017, OYO launched Townhouse - a managed hotel-brand designed to function as a social hotspot to cater to city dwellers and a new generation of guests. The company is also responsible for launching India’s maiden Home Management System - OYO Home where it has unlocked over 1,000 homes for travelers in India’s top travel destinations, including Goa, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Nainital, Coorg, and Manali. With SilverKey, OYO is working towards building India’s largest corporate-focused service brand.

Founders:  Ritesh Agarwal