PixSense monetizes user generated mobile media and allows users to save and store their mobile phone photos without syncing them with a PC.

PixSense is a service that lets you automatically save and store your mobile phone photos without the pain of syncing with a PC

The company offers the free photo storage service from its Website. Users sign up, giving PixSense their mobile phone model; it then sends users an SMS, which users open to start the application download. This circumvents the process of manually connecting the cell phone to a PC to upload media.

Although the service itself is free, there is a cost; users must make use of their data plan minutes to upload the media. The service is more likely to fly in Asia and Europe, where many young people use phones but don't have their own PC. Most of the PixSense's employees are in China, Japan and Pakistan.

Competitors/similar companies include Treemo, JuiceWireless, Radar, and Juice Wireless.

Founders:  Adnan Agboatwalla, Anurag Mendhekar, Faraz Hoodbhoy, Scott Ritchie