Post Intelligence

Post Intelligence (Pi) is the world’s first AI-based social media assistant. Pi helps users make great posts and gain followers by creating a deep learning model just for them.

Pi learns what you post about and what works well with your audience. Once it understands you and your posting patterns, Pi will suggest great content, optimal times and even personalized topics, so you will always have something to say. The best part is that Pi's skills get better with time, so the more you use it, the better it will get.

Pi helps brands manage and optimize their social media. Influencers earn revenue by sharing relevant sponsored content suggested by Pi. More than 1.5m social media influencers used Pi and made over $100m in advertising revenue.

As part of PI, we developed Candid, newsfeed app that used deep learning for moderation. The newsfeed app was used by more than 2m users. More about Candid -

Post Intelligence got acquired by Uber in 2017

Founders: Arvind Sundararajan, Bindu Reddy