Puls makes home repairs and maintenance effortless

Puls makes it easy to find a technician to service anything in the home. Founded in 2015, Puls now operates a nationwide network of 2,500+ technicians in more than 50 markets. Technicians service more than 200 devices and appliances, including phones, TVs, antennas, garage doors, speakers, doorbells, keyless locks, AI cameras, smart thermostats, and security systems.

Retailers, manufacturers, and insurance companies also count on Puls to bring frictionless support to the full life cycle of every device or appliance, from in-store demos and purchases to in-home installations, repairs, and upgrades.

By building intelligent, end-to-end support for anything that connects to an outlet, Puls is transforming local technician services to bring simplicity to home services.

Founders:  Eyal Ronen, Itai Hirsch