Putdrive.com is a downloading service that downloads from 85 different File Hosters, Torrents, Tubes & Usenet and stores it in your cloud. Plus it gives you free storage in an independent online storage drive, called OziBox.


- Supports 80+ premium file-hosters – No need to purchase a premium account at all these hosters, PutDrive has it for You!

- Torrents fast and anonymously – PutDrive downloads really fast and 100 % anonymously your torrents without any danger and without having your pc continuously open.

- Usenet – Download any NZB files you want from almost all of the globally available newsgroup servers without paid accounts.

- Video tubes – PutDrive downloads all your favorite video tubes from Youtube and from almost all the other video tubes and you can enjoy them from your pc without the annoying constant stop and restart and without the continuous usage of internet bandwidth.

- 100 GB cloud storage – PutDrive provides you 100 GB cloud storage so you can have all your important files on the cloud. If you like to, you can extend your storage for a very low fee.

- Synchronization client – It gives you a client application running on Windows synchronizing all your files with the cloud. This way all your files will be on all your computers without you doing anything.

- Online Backup – You can synchronize all your useful documents & files with the cloud so you can be sure that they won’t get lost and that you will have them available from anywhere.

- Multiple Cloud – If you have SkyDrive, GoogleDrive or any other cloud drives, you can connect them with PutDrive. You can place your downloaded files there instead of the default Ozibox Drive destination. You can also move files between your clouds.

- Android – An android application that you can download from GooglePlay which will give you access to all your files on the cloud and online view to your videos.

- Transformation – You cannot play the format of the movie you’ve download on your mobile? No problem at all. PutDrive will convert it to the format your mobile supports so you can enjoy your movie right away!

- MP3 grabbing - You found your favorite song on Youtube as a video clip and you want it in MP3 format for your audio collection? PutDrive will do all that for you. It will download the video clip, will grab the audio and will create an MP3 file for You!