pwnwin GmbH

Twitch Extension Powered In-Game Voting for Viewers

The extension allows your viewers to vote whether different in-game events occur or not, e.g. they can vote YES or NO if you win the next game, finish in the top 10 & a lot more!

If a vote is correct the streak of the viewer increases by 1. If a vote is wrong, the viewer loses health points. Health can either be restored to some degree by reaching a checkpoint or by using Bits to purchase health packs.

Streaker offers your viewers a new and unique way to interact even more with your stream. It allows them to compete against other viewers and thus it creates more engagement for your community.

The ultimate goal is to get the highest streak of all viewers. Give them a shout-out if they show up in the leaderboard or create your own competitions.

Supported Games: Fortnite, LoL & PUBG - more games coming soon (CSGO, DOTA2)

IMPORTANT: Requires our Streaker Overwolf App for Streamers to work, for infos hop on our discord: or email us at:

Founders:  Bernhard Eder, Dominik Mayrhofer, Ingo Potocnik, Roman Knoblechner