Radian6 is a social media monitoring platform for marketers to study customer opinions on their products in real-time.

Radian6 helps companies listen to what people are saying about them online and engage in those conversations across the social web. From blogs and comments to multimedia, boards, forums and communities like Twitter, Radian6 gathers the discussions happening online and gives businesses the ability to analyze, manage, track, and report on their social media monitoring and engagement efforts.

Radian6 provides the social media monitoring platform for marketing, communications and customer support professionals. The company's flexible dashboard enables monitoring all forms of social media with results appearing in real-time, as discovered.

Analysis widgets, streamlined reporting, integrated workflow capabilities and our Insights platform give users the ability to uncover influencers, track and measure engagement and determine which conversations are having an impact online. Integrated social media, CRM, and web analytics also help companies define their social media ROI.

Product Attributes: * Data is captured in real-time as discovered and delivered to dashboard analysis widgets. * The UI is easy to use with text, pictures and video inside the dashboard. * The solution covers all forms of social media including blogs, top video and image sharing sites, forums, opinion sites, mainstream online media and emerging media like Twitter. * Automated sentiment analysis * Radian6 has now extended its platform to equip team members with deep social media listening and measurement capabilities within the tools they already use. With features developed on their platform API and Social Metrics Framework for integrating third-party data, Radian6 now supports the integration of social customer relationship management (CRM), web analytics, and other enterprise systems. * Conversational dynamics are constantly tallied to track the viral nature of each post. This allows for easy sorting by publish date, comment count, unique commenters and calculated engagement. * There is no limit to keywords when setting up topic profiles. Billing is tied to results, not the parameters used. * Multiple languages are supported including; English, French, Italian, German, Simple Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese. * Results can be filtered by country, by source and by media type. * Numerous analysis widgets can be set up to analyze within a date range or for pre-set days. * The most influential sites for a topic profile can be calculated based on user-weighted scoring. * Configurable email and instant messenger alerts for staying top of things while away from your desk * Design your own daily email reports including posts, graphs and charts * Team work flow abilities for tagging, classification and assignment of posts to team members including recording of internal notes, engagement responses and ticket status for on-demand reporting and graphs.

The Radian6 Insights platform: * Radian6 Insights combines the coverage and depth of Radian6 with additional content from third party insights partners to offer a deeper understanding of who is participating and where conversations are being held. * Use Radian6 Insights to gain a deeper understanding of both what is being said on the social web as well as who is saying it. * Quickly gain access to valuable meaning behind your social traffic, such as demographics, influence, location information, sentiment, topic categorization, and more. * Use capabilities from different Insights partners together for unparalleled deep-dive analysis. * Moving beyond keyword based analysis, Insights help deliver key information that you may not be aware of. * Receive real time, ongoing social intelligence surrounding your brand, your industry or any area of interest.

The Engagement Console: * Is a complete real-time social web client. * Helps you coordinate team social media engagement across the enterprise. * Shows Radian6 topic profiles right alongside your personal or corporate Twitter, Facebook and Chatter streams. * Lets you set one-click workflow for frequently used post routing, assignment, and classification. * Feeds data to your Radian6 dashboard for reporting and analysis.

The Summary Dashboard: * Monitor the health of your brand on the social web in one convenient application with the Radian6 Summary Dashboard. * Understand your social conversation without the time or resources required for a full-time analyst, with real time, high-level summaries of your brand on the social web. * These summaries are available in real time, automatically update and can be easily accessed and shared. * At a glance, monitor volume, sentiment, demographics, influencers and more.

Radian6 Mobile: * Since the social web doesn't stop when you're away from your desk, stay plugged into your brand on the go with Radian6 Mobile. * Focus the entire social web into one mobile application. * Interact with your community or route posts to the right people with workflow functions all while away from your desk. * Quickly monitor overall volume, sentiment and more with the Summary feature. * Coming soon to the iTunes store and the Apple iPhone. Additional mobile devices to follow.

Coverage includes: * over 150M blogs * over 420 video and image sharing sites such as YouTube, Google Video, Flickr, Metacafe, Revver, Vech, Daily Motion, Bebo, Grouper, BrightCove and many more. * over 25k online mainstream news sites * over 90 million Tweets on Twitter * hundreds of thousands of discussions boards * public spots on social networks including Facebook & Linkedin Groups * comments appearing on social media posts

We are the only provider who has invested significantly in a proprietary social media crawler that goes far beyond simple RSS feed tracking allowing for the broadest and fastest coverage of the social web in the market.

Founders:  Chris Ramsey, Gerry Pond