Razzball LLC

Razzball is a leading fantasy sports blog that is the digital incarnate of the friend who dominates your home league and cracks you up when you get together to watch games. The Razzball community has grown every year since 2008 and covers MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, and Golf. Free tools include our fantasy baseball and fantasy football trade analyzers as well as our Preseason and Rest of Season projections for MLB, NFL, and NBA.

In addition to our ad-supported content/tools, we have a subscription service for our daily MLB, NFL, and NBA players projections that help fantasy fans in season-long leagues and/or those that play Daily Fantasy Sports (e.g., DraftKings, FanDuel). These premium subscriptions, sold as monthly or full season packages, launched in Spring 2015 for MLB and 2016 for NFL/NBA.

Founders: Grey Albright, Rudy Gamble