RelateIQ offers a relationship intelligence platform that allows teams to track, share and analyze professional relationships.

Now known as SalesforceIQ, RelateIQ, a company, has re-thought customer relationship management from the ground up, building the world's first Relationship Intelligence platform. It automatically captures data on your most important sales prospects, making it easy to collaborate with your teammates to close deals faster. The platform works everywhere you work, whether it's on a mobile app in your pocket or in your email inbox through a browser extension, and advanced data science capabilities mean RelateIQ will provide the insights you need before you even realize you need them. RelateIQ helps our customers drive more revenue and save hours of time, all while making their jobs less work. For more information on how RelateIQ is changing the way the world works, please connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Founders:  Adam Evans, Steve Loughlin