Rent Jungle

Rent Jungle is an online apartment search engine that allows users to find apartments for rent.

Rent Jungle is the only true search engine in the apartment and rental housing industry. Its web-crawling technology gathers up nearly every property listed in the U.S. from over 7,000 rental sites. Apartment hunters can search over five million active listings broken down by city, neighborhood, size, and price.

Navigation is easy with an interactive map which allows users to zoom in and out of locations and filter their search for specific features. A sophisticated search engine optimization and easy-to-navigate interface stands Rent jungle apart from sites such as Hotpads,, and Craigslist.

Rent Jungle is unique in its approach to apartment listing via its technology which actually spider the web for apartment listings intelligently, separating for-sale from rental buildings and removing any sort of spam. The information is then aggregated, geocoded, and arranged to let users search for apartment features using keywords. Rent Jungle technology also allows users to see average rent prices and compare it to other neighborhoods or their current rental fees.

By spidering instead of relying exclusively on landlord-submitted listings and data feeds, Rent Jungle has significantly more listings than any competitive website. Rent Jungle typically has twice the number of active listings as Craigslist and anywhere from four to ten times the amount of listings available on common apartment finding sites.

As a result, Rent Jungle is gaining local and national attention as a leader in apartment directories and as a source of the current rental trends and data. Articles using Rent Jungle data have been published in the Pittsburgh Tribune, Pop City, the Las Vegas Review, the New York Daily News, the Dallas Morning News, the Baltimore Sun and several other news outlets.

The newly redesigned launched December, 2009.

Founders: Rick Ferris