Retale is an online platform and mobile application for shoppers, incorporating retail circulars into an interactive format.

Retale brings the retail weekly ad to life!

Retale is a free iOS, Android, Apple Watchy and Kindle Fire app, as well as online resource for shopping at local stores. Based on your zip code, it makes brochures, circulars and coupons from a number of retailers available in a simple, attractive format to users so they can plan their weekly shopping. Users can flip through brochures, get information about products, and learn about offers and deals. It provides a comprehensive overview of all stores and retailers, along with their address and store hours.

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Retale is a concept that started in Germany four years ago, and is now used by 15 million active users in six countries. Retale currently has more than 3.5 million users and 150 of the largest retailers in the United States

You can try out the apps for your Android device, your iPhone, AppleWatch, iPad or Kindle Fire tablet, and check out the web portal at

Founders: Christian Gaiser