Revision3 is a multi-channel internet television network that creates, produces and distributes web television shows on niche topics.

Revision3 is a TV network for the web, which creates and produces its own original entertainment and content.

The content is designed for an Internet-savvy audience that seeks quality content about specific, narrow and in-depth topics, but quick production time that leverages lower costs. With the proliferation of mobile video, iPods, Tivo and other Internet-connected set-top-boxes, Revision3 believes that tailored, on-demand video will continue to increase in importance versus traditional broadcast content developed for very broad audiences. Revision3 video content focuses on technology, comedy, music, cooking, and other niche subjects.

Revision3 attempts to be agnostic about how its content gets distributed. The company works with multiple distribution platforms, including iTunes, Odeo, Bittorrent, and Palm. Revision3 also supports multiple video encoding formats, including flash, to help make content broadly accessible.

Founders:  David Huard, David Prager, Jay Adelson, Kevin Rose, Ron Gorodetzky