Roadrunner Pharmacy

Pharmacy that provides compounded medications for pet lovers

Founded in 1999, our exclusive “pet only” pharmacy located in Phoenix, Arizona, provides veterinarians and their patients with customized medications. Last year alone, over 15,000 veterinary practices discovered why Roadrunner Pharmacy is veterinarians’ preferred pharmacy of choice, with quality control standards and service second to none.

We also specialize in compounding back-ordered and discontinued veterinary medications and enhancing compliance with exciting, owner-friendly dosage forms, flavors and concentrations.

With our team of dozens of veterinary-specialized pharmacists and technicians, each service experience is with someone who understands your specific veterinary medical needs.

All NEW prescriptions are shipped Next Day Air FREE of charge once ready or via our in-house delivery service for local deliveries. All REFILLS are shipped Next Day Air FREE of charge once ready. Please call and talk to one of our staff members if you have any questions about treatment options or medications that we can compound.