Rome2rio is organizing the world's transport information and offers multi-modal, door-to-door travel search technology.

Rome2rio has developed multi-modal travel search technology to deliver door-to-door travel itineraries.

The Rome2rio technology offers a novel approach to travel search that can accept any address, landmark, town, national park or other feature as the input origin and destination. Rome2rio searches a purpose-built repository of air, train, ferry, mass transit and bus routes, walking directions and driving directions to present several alternative travel plans between the origin and destination. Each itinerary may involve travelling on a combination of different transport modes.

Multi-modal travel search solutions are scarce: the technology is challenging, and from a content perspective global surface transport data is highly fragmented. Rome2rio’s solution is elegant, stable, and fast, with search results typically delivered in half a second or less.

Founders:  Bernhard Tschirren, Michael Cameron