Sale Stock Indonesia

Here Soraya sell beautiful clothes, quality mall with honest prices. Free postage unconditionally.

Sale Stock is a rapid-growing startup who breathes data and technology in its core business.

Sale Stock gives access to affordable, high-quality clothes to everyone who needs it. You can't live without clothing and the fashion industry is crooked and elitist. They sell clothes for 5-10 times of its manufacturing price and offer bogus discounts at their whim. They cater only to the fortunately privileged and abandon the working class and the underprivileged.

Sale Stock's team members hail from Stanford, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Purdue, UCLA, NTU, NUS, Imperial College London and ANU Graduates with top company background such as NASA, Google, Palantir, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo!, Sony, IBM, Microsoft, Citibank, McKinsey & Company and Accenture. Our offices are located in several different cities in Jakarta, Tangerang, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bali, and Singapore.

Founders:  Lingga Madu, Stanislaus Mahesworo Christandito Tandelilin