SideReel helps users find, track and watch shows online.

SideReel's library includes over 24,000 shows, more than 530,000 episodes, original editorial and video recaps for TV shows, recommendations, and the latest news, reviews and gossip - all in one place. If it's online, it's on SideReel.

Founded in 2007, SideReel is the largest independent TV destination on the web (comScore, April 2010) with over 10 million monthly unique users and 2 million registered users. SideReel is the fifth largest Facebook-connected site in terms of monthly active users. SideReelers are primarily young (18-34), Internet savvy fans who watch more than 10 hours of TV online each week. Devoted users return daily to track their shows, watch the latest episodes, and discover new favorites.

SideReel is the only site among its competitors - including Hulu, and Clicker - where you can track and watch every show on the web.

Founders:  Peter Arzhintar, Zach Larson