SimplyMarry is into the business of online matchmaking. Simplymarry has a mission to establish connects between prospects looking for matrimonial partners. It was launched on December 10, 2006 with new services and functionality. It’s promoted by The Times of India group, largest media & entertainment conglomerate in the country. SimplyMarry is India's first "Metro-monial" site, targeting to the youth in metros.

SimplyMarry also organize Swaymvars for various communities like aggarwal, punjabi, brahmin etc. Swaymvar is the perfect platform for prospective brides & grooms and their siblings to meet interact with each other and find the perfect match.

SimplyMarry also have matrimonial content portal, It focuses on all aspects of pre and post martial life. This covers the whole range of questions from health, beauty & grooming to rites & rituals.